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What's included?

  • Flights (International)

  • Most Meals in GAMBIA ONLY (Breakfast & Dinner)*

  • Transportation provided for the Tour Group only

  • Entrance fee for all excursions in Gambia/Senegal

  • Accommodations

What's included?

What's Not included?

  • Hotel incidentals (lost keys, property damage, Cashpower), room service, laundry, etc.

  • Meals in Senegal unless mentioned otherwise

  • All items of a personal nature are not part of the itinerary such as shopping, eating out, etc.

  • Gratuities to guide, driver-guides, other hospitality staff, and donations to Qur'an Schools/Masjids

  • Travel insurance

  • Taxi fares

  • We will not cover transportation (flight/car) costs from your destination to reach the Airport in which we will be departing nor will we provide transportation (flight/car) going back to your destination, that will be your responsibility.

What's not included?

Covid Protocols

  • You do not have to provide proof of vaccination or a Negative PCR Test to enter the Gambia.

  • Nor do you have to provide any test results to enter back into the United States of America from the Gambia
    For more information:

Covid Protocol
Do I need a Visa?

Do I need a Visa?

  • We highly recommend that you purchase a Visa at the Gambian Airport in the amount of $60 USD for a 5-year Visa. If you purchase a Visa in the United States, it will cost you $200 USD.

What are my options to pay?

  • A Deposit of $500 is required with your Online Registration Form to secure your reservation. This deposit is part of your final payment. This trip offers payment plans to pay within 3, 6 or 9 payments. Credit is not given for any meals, activities, or excursions not taken.

  • You have two payment options to choose from. In full payment or payment installments. The payments over time can be automatically drafted on a set day. Depending on the number of payments you select, your account will be drafted.

  • We have made it convenient to make your trip payment online via Autopay with your credit card and ACH electronic payments from your banking account (An authorization form must be filled out completely first before payments are taken, please read all of the conditions if you choose to have payments taken out of your bank account). We will not take payments via CashApp, Paypal nor checks/money orders.

  • Cash is not an acceptable form of payment.

  • Your payments are very secure.

  • You must pay your $500 non-refundable deposit by the due date, 8/31/23, and the balance of $3,000 by 10/28/23) Updated as of 5/1/2022

What are my options to pay?

I want to travel alone, is this possible?

  • Unfortunately not with this tour. Our tours are designed for families, married couples, and individuals to enjoy together. 

I want to travel aone, is that possible?

Can I change my flight to arrive earlier or later?

  • You’re more than welcome to choose the Land Only package (flight not included) which gives you the flexibility to choose your own flights to and from the tour. However, the package dates are set and the group itinerary will remain the same.

Can I change my fight t arrive earlier or later?

Can I upgrade our flights to a higher class of service than coach?

  • Not at the moment. You’re more than welcome to choose the Land Only package  and purchase the flights in the cabin that suits you and your family.

Can I upgrade our flights to a higher class of service than coach?

Do you work with school groups or private groups?

  • At this time, we only work with private groups. If you bring children, there needs to be one adult chaperone for groups of 3 children.

Do you work with school groups or private groups?

How much does it cost to book a single accommodation?

  • A single accommodation request is an extra $250 for all tour packages.

How much does it cost to book single accomodation?

When do I get the itinerary?

  • We will distribute the itinerary at least 2 weeks before departure. This allows us to make any adjustments needed based on the makeup of our group. We want every trip to be unique and customized to the travel members as a group.

When do I get the itinerary?

Can I book one room for my family?

  • Occupancy is usually based on the size of rooms and number of beds and is established to maintain a safe and pleasant environment. The max number of guests in a room cannot be changed. Therefore a family of 4 in a two-bedroom suite is the maximum (2 per bed) unless a pullout couch is available for an additional person although not guaranteed.

Can I book one room for my family?
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